Sunday, 7 August 2011

Adventures in Thrifting...

I'm taking part in the lovely blog her library adventures "flea market finds" today. So here are some of my trasure/trash! All bought in the name of children!! including...a few old kids books from the 70's and 80's

and finally and somewhat randomly... a rubber horse head and a monkey mask!
 A bargain at 50p and it was worth it for the 'freaking the hell out of my kids' value!!
I think it quite suits me, i may just start wearing it when out and about, gardening, shopping... so many uses!

I was also surprised at how camp He-Man looks, he's not quite the alfa male all action man I remember from my childhood!
that really was quite a random post... ah well!


  1. Love the horse head and the monkey mask!!!

    Little Dotty Bird, they were fantastic buys.


  2. The masks are really scary!!

  3. Great finds! My little boy (who's almost 5) is really into He-Man at the moment - as we were at that age. Watching it as an adult is quite amusing - He-Man is a bit .... camp? at times!! It's a good cartoon though!

  4. Those masks freak me out ha ha!

    The books are cute!

    E :)

  5. Seriously freaky masks!!! haha

  6. Thanks for all your comments! I love the masks, weve had quite a laugh alredy, freaking out grandparants, neighbours...anyone unfortunate enough to visit us! My favourite book find was 'Tom Tortoise Has A Birthday', the illustrations are fab, especially love the menacing weasel and the fox! and as for he-man, Ive got the theme tune stuck in my head now... oh dear

  7. Ok, I have to confess, I used to pretend that Man at Arms was my Dad!!!
    I grew out of that fairly quickly, great book finds! Dx

  8. Hi!
    I wish we had flea markets here! The books look adorable! (and the masks look scary!)

  9. I love old childrens books, especially the Enid Blyton type, or pony stories, I had hundreds as a child.
    They are great stress relievers, if I feeling bad,I re-read the famous five or the enchanted wood, very calming, lol x

  10. Enid Blyton books are fab, the far away tree and The Naughtiest Girl in School were my favourites as a kid. Ive been reading the faraway tree to my kids now, they are timeless classics!


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