Friday, 12 August 2011

Joy Pockets

A few little moments that sprung to mind were this...
whirling and twirling with our veils

 the mess and joy of days out with little ones
 A 1970's childrens book about potatoes...random but finding it in the local charity shop = joy

what can i say..I'm easily amused!
cheery and kind comments from fellow bloggers....thankyou x
This post from the lovely Soulemama (so reassuring to hear others have the same kind of chaos!)
sound of giggling from hiding children (and the fact that they always hide in the same place for hide and seek)
a bright moon amongst the black silhouette of beech trees
singing loudly to myself in the car (and nearly remembering all the words to this song  by Johnny Flynn & Laura Marling.) I just love the lyrics. 
birds singing

Thankyou to the inspiring Monica at Bohemian Twilight for sharing the idea of Joy Pockets...x

Wishing you all a full moon fun packed weekend xxxxxxxx


  1. What a lovely idea joy pockets! I love the first photo!

    E :)

  2. Lovely pockets, especially giggling children in not so secret hiding spaces;). Will have to check out the song too! Happy weekend to you!!

  3. Wonderful Joy Pockets ~ Marvelous Joy Pockets that tells clearly about joy in your life ~ thanks, CArol ^_^

    Come by and visit Share the Creative Journey for my Joy Pockets ~ thanks,C

  4. Thanks Em, i really wanted to capture some of the gorgeous fabrics and bling that everyone wears. Its so much fun to get dressed up! Joy pockets are really good to do, it forces me to sit and think abou the joyful moments in the week, as its so easy to forget them in the midst of all the chaos!

    Thanks MJ, hearing the kids giggling like reminds me so much of the excitement of being a kid and how big the world feels when you're small!

    Thanks Carol, this blog really has become much more about my life than I originally intended. I'd meant to write just about crafting but its evolved into something else! i'll pop on over to check out your joy pockets!

    Peace and Joy to all xxxxx


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