Wednesday, 10 August 2011


Thought I'd attempt at taking a few arty pics of my wonderful friends at bellydance class. I've just got in, its been a long day but I'm feeling a good kind of tired...
 check out my super naff photo editing!!
I can feel the moon's presence as it grows fatter, the full moon is on Saturday 13th. I always feel a bit restless and more energetic around the last quarter, I find it seems to bring emotions and ideas into the light, which can either be good or not so good! Does the moon effect you or am I just barking moon gazey kind of mad??

* Sending out some blingy jingly light and laughter to you all *


  1. These photos are great and your editing isn`t naff at all!

  2. Belly dancing always looks like soooo much fun! Loved the photos.

  3. I do go on about bellydancing a fair bit but it really is the sunshine in my week, its been a pretty stressful few years and its so nice to find a bit of fun escapism. If you can find the right teacher I'd totally reccomend it!
    There a great African proverb that goes "If you can walk, you can dance. If you can talk, you can sing". We should all dance more, i'm sure the world would be a happier place!

    And cheers, Annabella, I just downloaded some photo editing stuff so I could crop photos, then I started messing about with colours and effects. Its a bit addictive once you start!

  4. i think the moon effect all of us- just some of us are somre sensitive than others. the belly dance pictures are lovely . so airy : )

  5. Definitely feeling the moon effect too.....
    Love the belly dancing shots, my aunt used to teach it.
    Have a good weekend

  6. thank you for sharing your bellydancing photos! i love the one with the swirling scarves :)


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