Tuesday, 9 August 2011


This is what happens if you don't go up to the garden for a few days.......giant courgettes! Definately the beginning of the chutney making extravaganza!

 x  Smile  x


  1. they look lovely! just coming from my greenhouse with some tomatoes that smell devine... gorgeous feeling, growing something yourself, isn`t it : )

  2. Wow!!!!

    They are fantastic.


    ~Fiona @Raindrops & Daisies

  3. cheers, growing stuff yourself is the best, I'm still amazed that so much can come from one tiny seed, its magic! Really hope we get a greenhouse for next summer, I'd love to grow tomatoes. Although, I'm feeling slightly overwhelmed by the speed at which stuff is growing at the moment...there are only so many beans and courgettes you can eat! Tommorow I'll begin the preserving i think! x

  4. hahaaha, not just a smile, laughed out loud, thank you on this dark, rainy Thursday.

  5. it made me laugh too, I may start a weekly vegetable face post! I'll raid the garden for more odd and overgrown goodies and see what i come up with!!


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