Saturday, 13 August 2011!

I'm afraid its the end for Mr Overgrown Courgette thanks to the Glutney Chutney Recipe from this lovely River Cottage Preserve book. One of my all time faviourite recipes...mmmm

My fabulous chopping music was the White Stripes, was especially loving this song (and this one!!)

Pretty knackered now though after chopping 6 kg of fruit and scrubbing over 20 jars...phew, time for a drink I think! Whats been going on in your kitchen lately....? Any good recipes to share??

Bye for now xxxxxxx


  1. I thought I was going to see Annoying Orange pop up for a moment...LOVE LOVE LOVE chutney and I should make some as there is no such thing here. Love Hugh and his River Cottage books too. I`m sure it will be worth all the hard work!

  2. cheers Annabella! the chutney marathon continues into the night...its 12.30am and Ive still got one more batch to bottle up..its looking good though! Powered on by the full moon...will I ever sleep??

  3. Murderer! I've phoned the Courgette police. Expect a visit very soon.

    Madison xxx


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