Monday, 5 September 2011

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Ive just discovered Bloglovin so thought I'd join in there too. From what I can gather its a kind of directory of blogs and it makes it easier to follow other folks blogs...I think!!?? We shall see! This is all such a new game for me

.....oh and could anyone tell me how you add the thumbnail pics of "other posts you might like" at the end of each post? I wanted to link to a few older relevant posts.

Thanks Lakota....Ive sorted out me widget!!!

cheers lovelies xxxx


  1. really enjoyed reading your blog!

    following you now. keep in touch okay:)

  2. sorry my friend. got really so comfused with bloglovin that i had to give up visiting there.... but try it ! it might work for you ( it works for everynody else! ) ; )

  3. Hiya, it's just another blog reader you can use to keep track of those you follow, instead of your dashboard or googlereader - at least I think so.

    I've just had a fiddle round in formatting but I'm afraid I have no idea any more how I got the 'you might like' thumbnails! It picks them for you though, I don't think you can choose what it displays.

  4. I've found it - you need linkwithin

    That address should take you to a page where you can get the widget.

  5. brilliant, will have a go at that later! Widget is such a good many strange and wonderful words for computery internet stuff!

    thanks for the advice ya'll xxx

  6. and thankyou and welcome to Silviasiantar !!


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