Thursday, 8 September 2011

those first days

Day 1 of school went quite well, little Miss M eagerly walking into school with her new uniform and prized lunch bag, she was pretty shattered when I went to collect her but seemed happy enough.

I did actually write a whole post about the mega stress of leaving M this morning as she went into complete meltdown but having seen her after school telling me all the things she did and people she played with and no mention whatsoever of the morning episode...I read what I'd posted and deleted it. I think I had lost perpective about the whole thing, however we shall see what tomorrow brings! 
Peace to you all x
on a lighter note, i just found this website happy place, the photos are so funny...its cheered me right up! check it out.

unfortunate sticker placement!


  1. This is so normal, honestly, the classroom assistants won't lie to you, there would be no point. If she'd been really inconsolable they'd of course have let you know. It's a big change in a little person's life, but she'll get there (as will you). When my son started school a little boy in his class cried every day saying goodbye to his mum, but he was absolutely fine within 10 minutes. Now I see him go charging in every day x

  2. thankyou Lakota, and I know you're right. I anxious to see what she's like when I pick her up in a minute and what she'll do tomorrow morning. It is a huge change and especially so after 6 weeks of school holidays.

  3. I hope that it is all going well for your little one, such a huge big step............

    Thinking of her and you.


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