Saturday, 17 September 2011

joy joy joy

Having scratched around in my memory (not so good these days!), I've dug out a few little moments of joy! Its been a good week, pretty hectic , but good. Ive been given a lot of goodies from folk this week!
photo by Miss M (4 yrs)
A brand new (hand me down) dress given to me , along with a whole load of other gorgeous things, from a super fab friend who is moving abroad for a while!! thanks bird x
Another hand me down gift but equally awesome...a popcorn maker, I wasn't convinced at first sight and thought it would be another unused kitchen gadget thingmajig...but its amazing, no oil and it never burns and it fab for ravenous Miss M when she gets in from school...yey again for generous friends!
 Miss M is getting her first taste of photography, shes started using my camera..Ive been laughing at some of the shots she takes and just how excited she is taking photos.

Watching Little Mr J get seriously into the Chilli Peppers and rocking out on his little ukelele
 Taking Mr J and his little buddy L to the beach and watching their joy at throwing stones into the sea
Lots of cuddles and kind words from little Miss M
Sitting in the garden late at night moon gazing, with only the sound of the bats and owls

I'm joining up with Monica at her other blog Holistic Mum for joy pockets, take a peek and join in if you fancing sgharing some of the joyful moments of your week. Hope you have all had a good week too!

Wishing you all love, light & laughter x


  1. Yum, homemade popcorn. What great gifts and joys you have had this week! Glad that you have gotten some autumn color despite the rain. The author I mentioned, Sarah Addison Allen, is great if you like a bit of magic to your stories, which I love. May your joys keep coming :).

  2. yay for hand me downs - both fab things - the dress looks great on you

    (I have had so many photos taken of me by my son - all ever so flattering with double chin and up the nose type angles!)

  3. most of the photos by M are like that too, up your nostril shots and strange and very unflattering expressions! We have bought her a kiddie digital camera for her birthday on plenty more sketchy kid shots to come!

  4. so i missed everyone's posts last time! what with being away...

    my fave here is the dress, although a popcorn maker comes a close 2nd. we used to have one when i was a kid and it is great making it without oil. comes out crisper i think.


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