Sunday, 4 September 2011

Looking back...

I keep finding myself reminiscing over the beginnings of our little family. Mostly because my baby starts school on Wednesday...and I'm in pieces about it. I've become super emotional since having kids and I'm finding it hard to come to terms with little Miss M going to school. I've seriously considered homeschooling but I know M and I think she will love school, and fortunately we managed to get her into a really lovely local school. 
But really, I know everyone says it goes fast and although it doesnt always feel like it, it really does!.
5 years ago this month I looked like this....
 then a week or two later this little person appeared...
check out the super skinny legs, she weighed only 6lb 4oz
and then a few short years later, this little lady emerged....
pic taken by my mans sister, Tracy Turner.
So many things have happened ovef the past 5 years, some almost unbearably dark times and this little ray of sunshine, beautuful M, kept me going through it all. And of course, not forgetting the arrival of lovely Mr J only 2 years later...
I really felt the whisper of Autumn this eveving, growing stronger, a few leaves falling, a chill in the air and a clear sky showing off the waxing first quarter moon. I felt my body remembering the cool of winter and the crazy pace of summer slowing. I love autumn and winter as it allows the landscape to become a blank canvas yet again, holding endless possibilities for the following year.

My mind works in a similar way, shedding old outdated modes and ways , learning and re-learning new ways and skills in prepeation for the new year. Which reminds me, I must check out the local college for eveving courses!

How are you feeling about the changing seasons? Do you have plans or schemes or dreams?  

bye lovelies, wishing you warmth and happiness x

"Cherish your visions and you dreams, as they are the children of your soul; the blueprints of your ultimate achievements." Napoleon Hill


  1. i would love visit Cornwall! i have to admit is what atracted me to your blog at the first place ; ) is just so conectied to litterature your place...
    anyway...i totaly understand its hard. here in Norway the kids go to daycare before school. so when i first left M there i felt empty. its was just terrible to have to share him with the world... but thats healthy for them. it makes them social creatures, and lets them know by meeting the world the meaning of home : )

  2. Cornwall does seem to be brimming with writers and artists, well known and unknown alike. Its a beautufil place, so much history here.

    and thankyou for your kind words, it is so hard to let go and I just hope that she shines as brightly out there as she does with those of us who love her. I think she will thrive there but its such a strange feeling to think she'll be learning and experiencing things and I wont be there...but atleast little Mr J will get my full last!

  3. Hi - I'm a new follower but I hope you'll let me say, this is such a sweet post. I know it's not exactly the same but I am having to let go (more or less) of my grandson. He's spent almost every weekend with us since he was born. (He will be 13 this month). Now he's a 5 hour, round trip away. He has been a treasure to us.
    You seem like such a loving mom, enjoy your children while you can.

  4. Oh, I love this post - I can see myself posting something much like it in a few years from now...I do agree that it goes far too fast, and I too have become so aware of my tender emotions since having children. I was always sensitive, but now it is, as they say, that my heart is running around outside my body on those little legs.

    I feel the fall changes in and around me, too...what a magical time of year it is.

    Thanks for sharing this post, I could relate to it so much. And your family is so beautiful. Take care as the schoolyear begins and the autumn carries us all along ~ hugs from me.

  5. Oh, Mama, I completely understand! On Tuesday my oldest will be entering 3rd grade, the middle one in kindergarten, and my youngest will be in preschool. I keep having moments of panic at realizing that for the first time in 8 years, I'll be alone with no children in tow (even though the youngest is only 3 mornings a week). But I'm so excited for them to spread their wings and learn, grow, and make new friends.

    Autumn is definitely making her presence known here. The nights are cooler and the leaves are beginning to change colors. What I enjoy the most from the season - all the baking!!

  6. I remember these feelings so well. My girls were summer babies so started school very young-in fact KL is a 31st August baby so started school aged 4 years and 4 days!It is strange how quickly you adapt to change though, and find a new rhythm to your days. How quickly those days have passed - K is now 23 and starts school again this week - only this time she is the teacher!KL starts a new chapter too as she begins college this week. That lovely drift into Autumn seems to be missing this year- yesterday was warm like a Summer's day, today has gone back to pouring rain but I still feel warm. How I long for those days when I open the front door and feel that'nip' in the air - the one that makes your nose crinkle as you breathe in.

  7. Oh what a lovely post!
    It can be so hard watching your little people grow up. I remember sobbing outside the school gates when my youngest started school. She will have such a lovely time and be full of little stories when you pick her up.
    Deep breaths and take a tissue

  8. thankyou so much for all your thoughtful and comforting words.
    Terry and Scarlet - I really can appreciate now how quickly time passes and I do try to remember how fleeting the ultra dependent stage is..and I make an effort to enjoy their innocence and and plain craziness (although some days its easier than others!) and Terry, its really sweet you know your grandson so well, sorry to hear they are moving further away.

    and Amanda - I can imagine how weird it will feel to be "home alone" after all that time, somedays i look forward to that too and other days I dread it! But baking and winter cooking is definately a huge bonus of the autumn and winter seasons!,

    and I think mama forest dweller summed it up, Ive never heard that saying before but I love it cos it really does feel like "my heart is running around outside my body on those two little legs!"

    Thanks again for taking the time to write x

  9. oh and Mrs Cheese...I've been trying to prepare myself for it for months now, there have already been more than enough teary eyed discussions but I still know that I'll be a wreck. I'm hoping that having J with me and him being his usual mischievious self will distract me. But I definately better take some tissues! I do look forward to hearing about her adventures in the day and about all the things she's learning.


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