Sunday, 11 September 2011

something old something new...

I didn't make it to the carboot today, as its been raining and windy and YES I am having withdrawal symptoms (mainly grouchiness!). So I though I'd share a few of my favourite finds over the past yeat or two. One of my very favourites is this little book..

and i was given these brillinat 1970's Readers Digest gardening books last week by my nans lovely friend Bob. They really do cover everything you could want to know about gardening, he is the best gardener I know and I felt honoured that he handed them on to me!

and finally here's a little peek at my shelf of "old" goodies.

The gorgeous little handmade bird was made by a talented crafty friend, who got the pattern from The Artful Bird, a beautiful book by Abigail Glassenberg.  I made a similar little Blackbird using the same pattern, see him on this post.

Really must get on with boring stuff now...tidying, cookin blah blah..but my tip of the day....
don't forget about those "slow roasting" veggies in the Aga....I just made beetroot and tomato charcoal!!!


  1. Wet and windy here today too!

    Lovely book, lovely find.

    Hoping you will be out and about discovering more gems soon!


  2. wet and windy, is the words today...
    but i did go to a fle market. it was expensive - a flea market to be and the ladies there very ongoing... i left emptyhanded. very weird ; )

  3. Wet and windy means no buyers so you can bag a bargain.

    The charcoal looks very scrummy(!)

    Madison xxx

  4. I shall brave the weather next time, good tip! and the recipe for the veg charcoal is simple...
    1)faff about preparing veg, getting covered in beetroot juice, peel and dice,
    2)place on tray...
    3)then place in oven and simply forget about it (for the whole day!)
    4)when you wonder what the faint burning smell is, remove from oven and bin it!
    5)more washing up!!!

  5. Thanks for sharing your finds, I am having car boot withdrawals, I found it hard to make it to them, as I have been shattered or rained off! Tis the season for visiting charity shops! Hope the school week is going well x

  6. haha! ive done this before in a cottage we hired for holiday, (not lucky enought o have my own one at home..) it was the next evening when we went to put the dinner in the oven....we discovered the charcoal that was once parsnips haha, the funny thing was they didnt even smell!

  7. Hello and welcome claire :) Its so easily done..I did it again yesterday with the sweetcorn!! When will I learn!


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