Thursday, 3 November 2011

Owl LoVe

I came up with idea of making a owl themed door name hanger after buying some rather lovely little brass owls at a charity shop yesterday.
I'm going to make an adaptation of it to sell on the upcoming craft stall, hopefully other folk are as mad about owls as me...? 

Retro owl loveliness...
more owl cards...
I'm going to leave future cards blank as I've decided I'm not so keen on the stamping anymore. it would mean that they could be sent for any occasion rather than just birthdays. What do you reckon???

and some birdhouses!
The birdhouse is a hairclip holder, I havent sewed the little chaps eye on yet!

Hoot Hoot


  1. I LOVE YOUR OWLS!!! Scrumptious x Fab idea for hairclips too :)

    I've been gathering owl inspiration on Pinterest lately, my latest obsession along with major crochet flower fails..... must try harder!

  2. Such great ideas, your owl is lovely. I must admit I like a non specific card, so I can use it for any occasion, but it can still have different words on it maybe, well done for being so productive, I wish I could do the same xx

  3. Thanks guys,
    Chloe - I havent really tried Pinterest yet but judging from how much I keep hearing about its addictive qualities thats probably a good thing! I wanna see your crochet fails, I tried making crochet flowers a few years ago with a kits that said it was for ages 6 and up...never got the hang of it, just ended up in a mega rage!

    Snow White - the only reason I'm so productive at the mo is because I intentionally stressed myself out by saying I'd have a craft stall at a friends christmas fayre...without having anything to sell! So Ive got about another week to make stuff...waaaahh I wish I could be more productive without the stress though, its not good for my health...and Ive got major bags under my eyes!!


  4. hairclip thing is a genius idea, ours are randomly dotted around the house x

  5. I am waaay into owls! : )
    Such magical creatures.
    Great products. The cards are so cute!
    p.s. I hope you get your press. You will get it because you need to get to printing!!!!!!

  6. Your owl door hanger is so cute. I'm pinning it so my daughter can see it. She collects owls.

  7. Thankyou for your feedback! Its always much appreciated, I'm still pretty anxious when it comes to showing others the stuff Ive made!

    The hairclip holders did sell really well and Ive got a few orders for the owl door hangers so I'm quite chuffed really!

    THanks fo the "pin" Ann, Ive been trying to join in the pinterest thing but it kept going faulty...i'll have another bash at it today.
    cheers birds xxx


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