Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Hafla fun

Last weekend me and my Ma and little Miss M went to a Halfla (bellydancing party). It was the first time I've taken M to anything like that and she loved it. I also plucked up the courage to dance my first dance in front of the group.

The Hafla is basically a big get together of all the bellydancing groups around our little part of Cornwall and Devon. Each group does a dance or two in front of the other groups, and its beautiful to watch as there are so  many variations of dancing. One of my favourites (apart from our little group of course!) is the tribal dancers.The music is hypnotic and their moves are slow and graceful and very strong. They also wear the most gorgeous outfits, many layered skirts and tribal tattoos!
Gorgeous Tribal bellydancers
 My first dance! (I'm hiding at the back on the right, wearing a purple top)

Its a bit daft but I jumped up to dance (a last minute decision) and then got really nervous and was shaking like crazy, apparantly you couldn't tell!

 And here M and her friend watching the show
and M, who was so shy at the beginning decided to do her own show in front of everyone, they were all clapping and cheering her on. She had some pretty good moves, I was most impressed!

Bling bling ka ching! 

Wishing you all some blinginess, wiggles and sunshine in your day 


  1. That looks amazing, well done for getting up to dance. and I love that picture of M, fantastic. I've always fancied doing belly dancing, it looks fun!

  2. Wow, that's so cool that you do belly dancing. I bet you were fab! It looks like so much fun x

  3. Gorgeous outfits, it's always looked quite hard to me - I only dance to rock and techno!

  4. Well done you little dotty bird,
    it looks like great fun.

    x Fiona

  5. Thanks lovely ladies! It was really inspiring to see all the others dancing, so many different styles and all manner of shapes and sizes and ages of women!
    Lakota, I love a bit of rock and techno too but trouble is now Ive learnt bellydancing I seem to revert back to it with all styles of music, me and my mate were boppin some bellydance moves at the 80's disco the other day...bet I could speed it up to techno rhythem too...or maybe some wiggling moshing!

  6. That looks fabulous. I have always wanted to do belly dancing. One day, one day...

  7. Do it!! i cant recommend it enough. :)

  8. I tribal belly dance it is truly brilliant when you get up and dance in front of others. Check out my blog labels for belly dance and take a peek. There are also some links to crochet patterns for dance wear if you fancy it. Jo x



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