Sunday, 13 November 2011

Crafty Folk

I had a little pitch today at a village craft fair. I met some fantastic arty crafty folk and had a lovely day yapping, drinking tea and eating cake (someone had made gluten free cakes...yeeeyy).

The space was quite limited so stuff was pretty crammed in! I was pitched next to an amazing Mosiac and mixed media artist Georgie Bruce. Here's some pics of her work (my photography skills are fairly it really does not do the work justice!)

I've got my eye on this one!

and I bought some beautiful little works of art from her, they are greeting cards but I'm going to frame them. They are mixed media and she re uses anything that captures her eye..feathers, wrappers, magazines, cotton...
The lovely Liz Lynch had a stall there too, the event is co-organised by her to raise money for charity. She makes gorgeous cards and all manner of sewn loveliness, I'll post some pics of her cards soon...I bought some last year but they are too nice to give away, they'll be framed too!  

All in all I'm feeling pretty knackered from weeks of midnight sewing but its been worth it, I've met some inspiring and beautiful folk and I've had really valuable feedback...not to mention a few orders for the owl doors signs and hairclip holders....yey!

Wishing you a fab week 
BIg up the Cornish CRafting scene!!! There is so much talent around these windswept shores!


  1. Sounds like you had fun and inspiration. Ps. Feeling the owl love from your previous post x

  2. Your stall looks great, sounds like an inspiring time, all those late nights were worth it.

  3. good for you, girl!
    still really loving those owls myself.
    can't remember, are they on Etsy?

  4. thankyou lovelies, I'm happy to say I'm still in making doing mode...yet more midnight sewing. I am such a night owl, I cant function at all well in the morning and for most of the day though! Ive had a few more orders for Owls so Ive got a little production line going, will post some pics soon.

    Ive havent got around to selling online yet but I have registered with Folksy and Etsy and my plan is to get it together by the new year (although I Ive been saying it for about 2 years now :) ) one day............



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