Monday, 21 November 2011

Flower Power and Owls

Owls owls and more owls…
more Owls on the production line.
I also picked some of the Calendula flowers to dry, there are still quite a few flowers about as there’s been no frost yet. A lovely blast of colour on a somewhat grey winters day. 

I had a wicked weekend. I went to an amazing craft fair at Cowslip Studios, Launceston, and met a great many inspiring and talented crafters, including Kirsty from  Sixty One A, Angela from The English Romantic, I bought a beautiful little wood engraving print  of a moongazing hare from the Inky Otter. Also oggled the lovilness of the machine embroidered art from Cat Rowe at Textile Illustration. 
I bought some gorgeous brooches from Claire from “Elsie Hates Harvie”. She had a stall filled with the most beautiful pieces of jewellery made from vintage pictures, beads and vintage spectacle lenses! Most unique and fabulous! I’m going to drop her a line to check if its alright to post some pics of them.
Finally…we had a major shift around of rooms yesterday and have now started to create a studio room for me to do my sewing in..yey. Will post a pic as soon as it stops looking like a dumping site for all the clutter that was unearthed during the shift around! 
Well folks, hope your keeping warm and merry
Sorry I’ve been super slack on visiting all your lovely blogs of late, I’ve been a bit manic of an evening lately. Will catch up with you through the week.
hoot hoot


  1. sounds like a great weekend, and yey for your own studio space!! i just got a little desk this year for my sewing machine :)

  2. All sounds divine, have fun making owls, they look fab xx

  3. The owl is adorable! And a new sewing space sounds brilliant! The jewellery sounds great, would love a little peek x

  4. Your own studio room--oh wow that's wonderful!!! And that craft fair sounds like it was awesome. Must have been amazing to meet so many people that inspire you, in one place!! I bet you left full of energy! Love love love the owls!

  5. Oh I love going to craft fairs,
    glad that you treated yourself to lovely goodies.

    Great to hear that you will have your own special room to do all your work -
    sounds perfect.

    I have never heard of drying calendula flowers,
    I must plant some next year and give it a go!!

    Have a lovely week.

    x Fiona

  6. love that owl! are you making them?
    i want to buy one or two! : )

  7. Exciting news about studio space for yourself. I have private space--the unfinished side of our basement that also serves as, in your words, the dumping site for everything others don't know what to do with. Ah, well, a girl can dream . . . The craft fair sounds fabulous.

  8. Thankyou lovely ladies for your kind comments. The room in still a work in progress, I have spent much too much time daydreaming about a studio space and now its possible I don't know where to start!

    I am becoming an Owl obsessed freak, and I will be sharing my Owl Love in my etsy shop very soon. I'm so glad you like them Demie! xxx


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