Tuesday, 29 November 2011

A little rant about time, stuff and things


Help....It feels like time is speeding up to a ridiculous pace. I'm feeling a little swamped by the many demands made by myself and others (kids mostly) lately. I think the feeling was triggered by finding a "to do" list under a huge pile of paper mess that had accumulated on the kitchen worktop (which collapsed and fell to the floor...hence the clear out). The list was from over 2 months ago and as I read through it only 2 things had actually been done...all the rest and many more remain. 

Its all pretty trivial stuff but it sure does mount up. Just really feel like I need to pause life for a month or so to catch up with myself...if you know what I mean!!??  I realise the irony that Im faffing about writing this when I could be doing something off the list but...Ive just spent most of the day building combine harvesters out of duplo, pillow fighting, eating sand cakes and sand tea at little J's cafe, cookin, bein a skivvy etc etc etc and I wanted to indulge myself for a moment!  

On a lighter note, I bought a window feeder for the birds and its amazing, the little fellas are constantly feeding from it. Its so lovely to see them up close. Its mostly Blue Tits and Great Tits (such unfortunate names!) that use it. Gorgeous little critters, such funny skinny little legs!

sorry.. rant over...I do realise how incredibly fortunate I am to have the life I have...but a little pause button would just be rather fab!


  1. Just such a good idea -- Pause,breathe and smile. Those tits are wonderfully close to your window!

  2. what a great photo of the birds. I often wish I had a pause button (and sometimes a delete button if I've had a particularly bad day!)

    I messaged you through blogger so it's very strange you didn't get them. I'm after your address for the swap (not quite there but nearly on your parcel). email me middleageddramequeen@gmail.com x

  3. I've always wanted a window feeder, what a great thing! I'm sure you'll get all kinds of visitors as well as tits. I know exactly how you feel, the way everything just snowballs until it suddenly becomes intolerable. Jude has worked the last couple of Saturdays and this Sunday I just lost it completely because it felt like I just hadn't STOPPED skivvying, tidying up behind everyone, getting wood in, cleaning, cooking BLA BLA BLA.... and never having time away from my girls, as lovely as they are, everyone needs space!!

    Sometimes its good to let things slide a bit and enjoy time with your kids and other times you just need to get your shit together!! (Not you, 'one') This time of year doesn't help, either, it always speeds up until the Jan/Feb slowtime. Good luck with striking the balance! :) xxx

  4. Lovely photo of the birds,
    none come near my feeders
    because I have a very hungry cat!

    Know what you mean about the pause button



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