Tuesday, 1 November 2011

A to Z of me me me

Just a little (but very long)  insight into my life...as if you want know anymore! This is to help out my parcel swap buddy Middle Aged Drama Queen.
Here goes.....
A -  age :: Get up and run its thirty-one

B -  bed size :: king, although both our kids often end up in our bed too so I still end up on the edge, hanging on for dear life (and muttering grumpily to myself).

C. -  chore you hate ::I never Iron, we are a very crumpled clothes family...although Mr.Dotty irons his shirts!

D. dogs ::No pets here, I can't handle the thought of having to clean up poo and feed another animal...two kids are enough for me 
Also I add D:: for dressing up...I am a fool...I love it
Toof Fairy innit
E. essential start to your day ::I HaTe mornings, and what I  really love is a bit of peace and quiet to slowly ease me into the day...what I usually get is one or two kids climbing on me and nagging me for stuff..waah

F. favorite colour :: I particularly love fiery red/orange, like the colour of autumn leaves and sunsets. One day I will get the nerve up to dye my hair crazy pillar box red...Ive wanted to since I was 15...maybe when I'm 80
G. gold or silver ::Silver, I've never been a blingy sort of girl, but I transform when I'm in bellydancing attire into blingin jinglin gold n silver girl!

H. height ::5' 6" ish I'm destined to be the short-ass in the family as my man is 6' 6" and my kid are well lanky already. Its karma really becuse me and my bro always took the mick out of my mama for being little

I. instruments you play :: I learned to play classical guitar when I was younger then discovered Nirvana, jacked it in and bought an Electric guitar...which I was really crap at, but it looked cool!

J. job title ::Mama, crafter, shop assistant (in my folks off-licence) & skivvy.... I used to be a mental health support worker...I have a degree in Psychology....I had brains once, honest!

K. kids :: 2 - Girl (5) and Terror Boy (2)  

L. live ::  On a muddy old pig farm
(My landlords not mine!) in Cornwall, UK

M. Mothers name :: Madeline
N. nicknames :: Leese,  Leech(school friend) , Lullabelle (by my dad)
O. overnight hospital stays ::Burst Appendix when I was 7 and got taken in after having J at home.

P. pet peeve ::Rudeness, People driving too close behind me, bad stuff happening to good folk and good stuff happening to bad folk 

Q. quote ::
these are sayings really but my favourites are:
Where the thought goes the energy flows
Once the decision is clear, the doing becomes effortless
and a few less rosey ones....
Shit happens 
you can't polish a turd ! (I love that one ;) ) 

R. righty or lefty :: righty

S. siblings ::one brother, 2 yrs younger. He's a musician and a super top bloke and its his 30th this December, although in my mind he's only about 7!

T. time you wake up ::Usually get woken up between 6.45 and 7...I don't get up for a while though, i takes me ages to get out of bed.

U. Underwear:: yes I wear it??? I prefer U for Underwater weirdness...I wan't to see this little guy!

V. vegetables you dislike:: celery and cucumber (apart from in a nice glass of Pimms of course)

W. what makes you run late ::faffing about, being disorganised , trying to do too much but most of all.. ..never wearing a watch

X. x-rays you’ve had :: soon be having one on my hip, been playing up since I had Mr J.

Y. yummy food :: I love veggie food, I love alot of stuff that I shouldn't eat (i have wheat intolerance) but most of all....chocolate :)

Z. zoo animal favorite :: Don' really have a favourite but Ant eaters and Emus are pretty cool, my favourite animals are just plain old squirrels and foxes.

Well, not sure if this will help at all really with the swap! but thought I'd ramble on at you all anyway.

Take care my lovelies xxxx
Hope you all had a "merry" Samhain x


  1. Hmmn, thank you for that, it's food for thought.
    I love the phrase 'polishing a turd',think I may be guilty of trying to do just that! Some of my favourite expressions are 'You shouldn't play if you can't take a joke' (My Dad used to say that) and 'That'll do' (probably my most over used expression!)

  2. what is your underwater weirdness photo of? I can't see it

  3. The picture is a weird little fish blob thing...there is a picture on this site...

    enjoy! ;)

  4. that is the funniest thing I have seen in ages!


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