Friday, 25 November 2011

New Moon Crafting

I am a real night owl crafter...just got home from checking out another craft fair and had the urge to get crafting. A friend (the lovely Chloe) asked me to make some headbands for her and the girls so off to work I went! I'm hoping that they fit OK but they are very easy to alter. I'll do a little tutorial on making them when I get a moment! Hopefully I can get some pics of the girls wearing them (have added some pics now!), its always hard to tell how something will look on.
and a little dotty one for me!
 I'm liking my new sewing room, I can't wait to get organised in there...big desks and LOTS of shelves and storage...and lots of pretties on the wall too.
The "Sewing Room"....Big Mess!

New Moon Greetings to you All
Headbands as modelled by the gorgeous Jess and Milly..thanks girls
 sweet x


  1. New moon greetings to you! Those head bands look gorgeous. One of the mums at Annie's school makes them as part of the "twirly skirts" she sells to all of us. They are quite a hit as I'm sure yours will be!

  2. thanks Ola! I was thinking last night that I should have a go at making some skirts, then they could have a matching skirt and headband! I made a skirt for Mya a fre years ago and it was pretty easy so I'll definately make some. Thanks for your comment, it does mean alot to me to get feedback!

  3. Hi,

    I messaged you a couple of times about the swap, did you get them?


  4. We love our headbands so much! I think I need one in every colour now.... thank you! :) xx


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