Monday, 5 December 2011

Sunshine on a rainy day

Its been a crazy sunny/rainy/sunny kind of day, which meant we got to see quite a few fabulous rainbows. I love how they brighten up a looming grey sky. I'm such a kid when it comes to rainbows, I still get excited and no matter how much I try and understand the how and why of them...they are just magic to me!

view from our kitchen window
We managed a trip to the beach yesterday amidst the showers and my man managed to take a few nice snaps along the way. Thats me and the kids clamering along the rocks. As you can see, the beaches on this side of the coast are pretty grey because of the slate and granite whereas the north coast beaches are just stunning white gold to take a trip up there soon.

All finished off with a trip to the cafe and a big hot chocolate and ice creams for the kids who don't seem to mind the fact that its freezing outside!

Wishing you warmth and sunshine in your week xx


  1. That beach looks beautiful, am very enivous, I'd love to live nearer the sea. I love crisp wintery days (without the rain). x

  2. I still find rainbows magical, too. All of your photographs are stunning.

  3. Sounds like a lovely time, rainbows are pretty special. And my kid loves an ice lolly in any weather, so funny. Oh, I love your owls from the previous post too, they're really lovely, I'm inspired. Wish I could get my crafting mojo on!

  4. thankyou lovely ladies,
    the beach photos were taken by my man, hes got a good eye for taking nice pictures!

    drama queen..move to the westcountry...go on...! x (although we do get a spectacular amount of rain down here!)

    and Snow crafting mojo is unfortunately mostly powered by pressure..I keep saying that I'll make stuff for people and refuse to buy presents because i'll make them I'm creating alot but also have massive bags under my eyed from too many midnight sewing extravanganzas!

  5. rainbows are definitely magical, agreed. I never get tired of sunsets and sunrises too I guess :), and clouds, and birds, aww heck, I love it all :).

    Looks like you had a beautiful day and they are absolutely lovely photos :).

  6. Every time I see that top photo it reminds me of a famous landscape painting, possibly a Turner, it seems so familiar! I think it must be the tree on the left. Obv. a Turner wouldn't have had a telegraph line across the sky, but you know. Lovely.


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