Monday, 12 December 2011

Lovely things for little folk

On the crazy night of the full moon I managed to make this little name sign for a new little Mister who arrived last Saturday. I have been making a few stuffed felt letters for friends kids but they are a bit fiddly to do and so I dropped the stuffing and opted for just sewing the letters together.
I also bought him this gorgeous little knitted sleepsuit. Its made by a friends mother in law, who is one super skilled lady.
its hard to get a senses of scale from the photo, but its really dinky for a newborn. I just love the little mittens! Oh how I wish I had the patience to knit :(
I've also been making more of these hairclip holders for friends, they have been quite popular.
but most importantly of all....dun dunnnn duuuunnnnn

................................ we got our xmas tree today, a lovely little potted pine to sit on our window sill.
check out all these crazy little fella's and creatures living on it...

I bought the Owls today.....they definately suit the dotty bird nest!

Festive greetings to ya'll 
Wishing you lots of merriment indeed!


  1. you're so crafty talented!
    love those sweet little owls.

    your home must be feeling really cosy-festive now.

  2. I love your name sign, it's so lovely.

  3. My sister would so love the owls, she is a collector, what a lovely addition x

  4. thankyou lovelies, indeed the house was starting to feel quite festive until yesterday when we had to turn the Rayburn off because of the winds and discovered the heating didnt work its been a little chilly here today! I need some mulled wine to warm me cockles I reckon! The owls are fab, i love the look of disdain on the first one! x


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