Friday, 23 December 2011

The Elephant's Tale

Just finished making a family of mice and another strange little sock elephant creature! I am super last minute christmas crafting this year...I WILL start earlier next year!

eeeeeeeeek its nearly Christmas!

Just a softie robot and a t-shirt to do tonight...then I'm done..phew

Hope you all had a merry ol' Solstice..the days are stretching out again now although it doesn't really feel like winter has arrived here yet...I've no doubt its on its way though.

Thankyou so much to all you kind hearted folk who have joined me on my rambling journey, it's been so nice to meet all you all, there really are so many fabulously talented and inspiring folk out there. Its a strange virtual world but I am really enjoying meeting new friends and your comments motivate me to keep making and doing.

xx Thankyou xx 

Have a fabulous Christmas day of food , fun and merriment...and a bit of dancin n singin too of you like!

you are lovely


  1. Happy happy Christmas little birdy! May your year be dotty and bright xxx Lots of love to you all :-)

  2. love love love love the elephant!
    i love elephants. my favorite animal.


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