Thursday, 8 December 2011

Parcel Swap Pressies!!!

Yey...I recieved my parcel from my fabulous swap buddy Middle Aged Drama Queen. The swap was arranged Lakota at her blog Faith Hope & Charity Shopping.     
I really was stupidly excited about opening it, I waited until kids had gone to bed (a huge amount of restraint for me!) and look at the lovelies bestowed upon me....

Its great that someone I've never met in person has picked the most thoughtful and brilliant presents, which makes such a nice change from having to tell the Mr what to get me!!
my super wrinkly hand...what happened to me!?? I'm only 31??
Loving my Owl bling and a gorgeous paper wreath, which now hangs on my sewing room/big fat mess room door!  There is also some lovely craft paper, excellent for card making.

Also, a most excellent littl 70's book on crochet, which has instructions for making granny squares...which I love. Will definately be attempting at crochet again.

 and a fabulous Famous Five just don't hear that sort of language anymore... "I've worked Jolly hard at school this term" and "She's an awfully good sort". Jolly well spiffingly great!! and I still crack a smile everytime they mention Aunt Fanny and Dick...I'm such a immature kid at heart. Such an age of innocence.
These made me laugh too!
say cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese
I may wear them at work in rebellion against wearing the obligatory santa hat! Excellent!

oooh and how could I forget the superb chocolate truffles which did not last long at all in the presence of a mega chocolate addict! I am such a pig :)

Well, I really have to say a massive THANKYOU to my swap buddy  and apologise as my parcel is not yet in the will be this weekend, I'm looking forward to sending it. Its been fun getting to know my buddy, she is new to blogging like myself and I've really enjoyed putting her parcel together. Do go and check out her blog, and Lakota's too, they are both such witty writers and always make me smile.

Over and out xxx


  1. What a fabulous parcel - the glasses are the icing on the cake - brilliant! Scarlett x

  2. I am so glad you like it! It was really good fun working out what you might like. The crochet book really made me laugh, I particularly liked the crocheted tie for a younger brother! Thought the tropical glasses might warm you up now that winter appears to have finally arrived. x

  3. Brilliant swap parcel, I'm not surprised you've eaten all the truffles, I've sampled them and they're really good!


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