Friday, 9 December 2011

By Definition...


a. Mentally unbalanced; crazy.
b. Amusingly eccentric or unconventional.
c. Ridiculous or absurd: a dotty scheme.
2. Having a feeble or unsteady gait; shaky.
3. Obsessively infatuated or enamored.
4.Marked with dots.
Today, on the eve of the full moon, I am feeling very much in category a., however with any luck I hope I can pull it off at b.? What is it about the moon that makes everything seem to boil to the surface, every month its the same and it always feels like I'm either surfing the tidal wave or being pushed under by it. It does however always inspire me to be creative, so I best go and get on with the sewing...and try to unravel my hectic thoughts as I go, stich by stitch.

A random post I know, but its all in the name! ;)

Wishing you all warmth and light xxx


  1. that's exactly what the full moon, brings everything up, shines it light on it. we can't escape the made obvious.


  2. indeed it does, it has the most penetrating light and presence. I know it all good in the long run to deal with "stuff" beneath the suface but it sure does take a lot of energy!

  3. Imagine how dull and static a life would be without those highs and lows: however far apart it feels like you're travelling - emotionally, physically, psychologically - at least you're MOVING! Good to know you're putting that energy into your lovely work :) Lots of love xx

  4. Someone gave me a card once, all it said was 'Art ensures Sanity', seems to be working (mostly!) for me, so far. Keep stitching xx

  5. thanks chloe and textile queenie, you are so right about movement of energies, I hadn't really thought of it like that but it is so much better to be flowing even if its through the rapids for a bit!

    and textile queenie, that is a brilliant saying "Art ensures sanity", I can definately see a wall hanging adorning my wall with that on it! x

  6. soooo... thats what is was. the moon!!! again!
    i am a bit of all lthose thing without the moon `s help... so you can imagine how bad it can get ; )

    hope the week coming will treat you good

  7. thanks Demie, glad to hear your a crazy one too! x


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