Friday, 2 December 2011


Look a little worried doesn't he.....`
I think the needle was a little too close for comfort!...yikes

and yet more Owl LoVe by the Little Dotty Bird....
Personailsed name hanger
another fun Owl card!
  How many Owl related puns could there be????
Already used "Owl always love you"
"Owl my love"
etc get the idea!!
Please let me know any you can think of...or any daft sayings!

Thankyou xx

am off to the school Christmas fair now...let the chocolate fuelled madness begin!! 

I'm linking up with crafty folk here:


  1. cheers girls, ooh I like "Owl be back" It could be an Arnie/Terminator style Owl in sunglasses!! excellent! ha

  2. Oh my gosh! I love owls!! This is adorable!! So glad you found me at Freckled Laundry!! Can't wait to check out some more of your lovelies!! Thanks for your sweet comment on my bird purse - I do the same thing! I only make about 10% of what I intend to! ;)

  3. So cute!!! I am terrible at puns but if I think of one, Owl let you know....

  4. Absolutely adorable! Thank you so much for sharing! Hmmm...Have a hOWLy jOWLy Christmas?


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