Friday, 16 December 2011

put the needle on the record

Just finished making this for my little bro. Its his 30th weird, I can't help but think of him (and his mates) as little 10 year old annoying boys! He's only 2 years younger so we were always pretty close growing up and we share the same somewhat demented sense of humour. He is one of the few people that can make me laugh til I cry!

Love you bro xxx Happy Birthday!

Its a fabric record on a stretch canvas frame. My brother is known as DJ Spinz ad his first album since his brain injury was called Global Assault...hence the globe image! The name comes from the time me and my dad visited the consultant at the hospital a week or so after the incident, when Stu was still in a coma and he described Stu's injury as as though there ha been a global assualt of the brain, every part was affected. Amazingly though, Stu is still Stu and is still able to make his music with help from some amazing friends and folk at Music Zone.  

I have also been busy sewing some little critters for my little girl. She said she wanted 108 mice for xmas??? Teddy ones that is, not the real ones, I'm sure theres a few of them up in the attic already! I was insanely chuffed to find this little dolls dresser in a antique/crazy loads of tat shop nearby! I thought it would make a brilliant home for the mice, I'm making a family of mice for each drawer, along with bedding. It needs a bit of TLC but I'll have it looking fab by xmas.

Hope you are all enjoying the beginning of the festive season/madness xxx


  1. Perfect for you lovely creature creations x

  2. That's the cutest cupboard ever and filled with little mice will be ever so nice

  3. Where the hell did she get the idea of 108 mice from??? Well done you for humouring her! Jess would have got short shrift from me - I would have drawn some for her to cut out until she got bored....

    Hip hip happy burpday to your bruv x

  4. Hey there, Love your mice and that cubpard is so cute. Do I spy a couple of my owls there? Happy Christmas to you and all your family. We must try and meet up int he New Year x

  5. i am stupid excited for xmas this year! 4 mice done...only 104 to go...I am gonna aim for 12 which should seem like a lot to a little person! and yep...Rose Red they are indeed you gorgeous little Owl creations...they usually live above my cooker but they wanted to be part of the photo shootand we should definately meet up soon! x

    Just finished making 2 demented sock elephants..phew another strange present done!

  6. the little mouse is incredibly adorable peeking out!:)

  7. Happy birthday to your brother--so glad he is progressing on his dreams despite his challenges...
    Adorable mouse and owls!!


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