Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Altered books

Around at my neighbours house this afternoon I saw her kids cutting up and creatively re-making some magazines and it reminded me of some workshops I attended a few years ago. One course was called visual diaries and as part of it we did a few evenings on altered books. I could only find these two (shown below), there are more but they have dissappeared into the crafty crud stash...hopefully to re-appear some day!  
 I found it really fun to take an old tired book and revamp it. I used mine as scrap books and note pads. I also made some little books that had a bit of a story to them. 

The central image in the photo above is a beautful fabric freehand embroidered picture by Wendy Dolan, who I ended up doing my evening course with years later. I wish I'd had the chance to take the next level of the NCFE but I moved away (boohoo!).
Do you keep a sketch book or have any tucked away from years gone by? If you'd like to share them, I'd love to see, leave your blog address alongside your comment! There is something special about seeing how an idea has formed and all the different influences and inpiration that have fed into it.
 Take Care x


  1. Collections of your favourite images and words are always pleasing and revamping a book is licence to turn an old thing into a new favourite thing. Yours are lovely!

  2. what a lovely book! gosh! i am so embarassed about my notebooks...

  3. Thankyou Red and Demie, I haven't done it for a long time but I used to find it useful to take out inspiring images from magazines, flyers, wrapping paper etc and scribble any ideas that came to mind. Unfortunately most of my notebooks are now mostly covered with bits of shopping lists, phone numbers and things I'm supposed to remember! Maybe its time to start a new one! I love to see other folks sketch books too, let me kow if you post any pics or know of any blogs to check out x

  4. nothing better than repurposing stuff, and altered books are fab. i have used mostly new books for journalling, but have made junk books from cardboard. i tend to use old books for their print (to collage with).

  5. It is fun to create somehing new out of something old and worn, however Ive bought quite alot of books with the intention of using their print for collages and cards but never had the heart to do it, so now ive got rather alot of old books! I especially love old kids books, 1920/30's are brilliant, such a different era!.


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