Sunday, 24 July 2011

The other scarecrows!

Here are some of the other rather demented scarecrows on display at the Port Eliot Fest...

we didnt win any prizes..boohoo but Im not surprised, some of the other ones were brilliant ad must have taken hours The Martin Scorsese one was my favourite!

There were some beautiful gypy caravans at the festival, you could hire them to stay in for the weekend (a bit pricey for the likes of me though!).

I loved the birds painted on the little doors on the back of the caravan. Talking of gypsy a pic of my new/old dress! Thanks Mrs P !
I thinks its 1970's, the fabric is fab. Ive intentionally missed out my face as I didnt get in til 4.30am last night..and frankly I look a little worse for wear today! It was a good night!

Peace x


  1. Wow, those scarecrows are amazing...and the caravans!!! Wow.

  2. thanks forestdweller! I did like our hippy with a moss beard and a hedge afro and i love the randomness of a knitted scarecrow with a machine gun, I have no idea what the story was behind it! The theme for the competition was "somewhere over the rainbow" so who knows!

  3. love the pictures. so colourful and happy! and your dress is lovely : )

  4. Wow the time that must have gone into them. Loved the Moss beard xx

  5. Love those caravans! And the scarecrows really are scary! Loving the hair on yours, really wild xx

  6. it was fun to make the hair, its was pink roses and bright pink flowers from the bottlebrush tree, yellow pom pom buddleia and I sprayed some grasses blu and green! I did get a bit too into it!


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