Wednesday, 27 July 2011

seeds of change

Firstly, these montbretia are one of my favourite flowers, I love their fiery colour and alien shape!

The veg garden at the back is suddenly looking pretty green and luscious.
We have been a bit slack on the whole weeding thing and its definately taken on a life of its own, but amidst the leafy greens there are alot of sweet eats..
I love that the french beans have climed to the tiop of the very tall sticks and carried on upwards reaching for the sun....I maty need a ladder/pogo stick to retrieve the beans though!!
and finally, not meaning to put a downer on the beautiful summer but I've been noticing the seeds of change all around, all the blackberries, elderberries, sloes, apples and hazelnuts that are slowly growing and ripening for the autumn harvest season of gluts! Bizarrely I find it really warming and inspiring to be reminded of the rhythm of  nature and how the seasons merge into one another.

How does your garden grow...? What do you like to grow and what do you find easy? (I'm an advocate for easy gardening...not too much faffing about!) 

Wishing you all fun in the sun x


  1. who beautiful and exciting! my tomatoes are doing well. big and green
    ( yet) but looking marvelous : )

  2. Thankyou Demie, I love fresh tomatoes but have never had much luck growing them (probably doesnt help that I kept forgetting to water them!!)


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