Friday, 15 July 2011

Joy Pockets

I can't believe a week has flown by so quickly, so much has been going on that its all a bit of a blur. I only just realised that I did just one post all week..tut tut!
But anyway, I'm back and heres some of the joyful and treasured moments from my week...

Things getting a little bit easier as they get a little older
....some of the dough even made it into biscuits
Doing a bit of sewing, taking up the hem of of my new Bellydancing skirt..I'll post a pic of the full outfit tomorrow as soon as I actually finish it!!

Smiling at the moon
Laughing and dancing
Letting go of old ways
Coming home
Picking and eating the bountiful fruits of the garden (especially the last of the strawberries! so sweet)
hanging out in a hammock
moments of peace

Wishing you all peace and joy in your weeks, thanks to Monica for sharing the idea of joy pockets


  1. i'm going to try and get back to the sewing machine this weekend. been a while. can't wait to see the outfit :-)

  2. Every time I manage to get organised enough to get the sewing machine out, I get a rush of inspiration for all the things I want to make. I actually bought the bellydance outfit from a Bellydance "Bling and Buy" sale really cheaply but it needed a few alterations. I really need to get on and make some skirts though, I've made skirts for little M but never for myself and they are pretty easy to put together. Have a good weekend, hope you find some time to get sewing x


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