Friday, 22 July 2011

Joy Pockets

How can that have been a whole week..!??
as for this week, I have mostly been enjoying...
Super quick to make (no knead) soda bread from this book River Cottage Everyday and some gorgeous homemade blackcurrant jam from a fab friend (cheers Mrs C !). sooo yummy

 Making this for the Port Eliot flower show...
and laughing at it alot! And even more when we had to drive to the show with this one (Mr Scarecrow) in the  front seat!!

sunshine amidst the showers
a new (vintage) dress given to me by a kind friend...yey
eating fresh salad from the garden
smiles from strangers
seeing my mama shine
Little M chillin with her new dad.
check out Monica's and many more pockets of joy over at Bohemium Twilight.

Wishing all you lovelies a fab weekend x


  1. Such fun pockets of joy! I love Hugh and his recipes and his sense of justice for hens and their eggs and the fish stocks...your scarecrow is very handsome if a little scary and the belly dancing and vintage dress sound fabulous. I tried belly dancing once but it sure is more difficult than it looks. Off to try and find that soda bread recipe - it looks yummy! Have a great weekend!

  2. Thanks Annabella! I make the soda bread with live naurual yoghurt, as its easier to find than buttermilk. I do love Hugh's attitudes towards food and animals. The river cottage series has definately inspired me. And as for bellydancing, it is so much harder than it looks but its the most fun exercise Ive ever done!. The teacher is so fab, she really makes it easy and we have such a laugh learning it. I'm hoping that I might even get some stomach muscles back!!

  3. oops thats was supposed to say 'natural yoghurt'!

  4. a new vintage dress and no-knead bread, excellent!

  5. Jam rocks!!!!!!!! Glad you're enjoying it xx Today we froze naurual yoghurt with that jam into froghurt lollies YUMMMY!!! :D

  6. ooh good plan, Ive never tried to freeze yoghurt...I'll give it a go too i reckon! x


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