Sunday, 10 July 2011

Sock Elephant (well sort of...)

We were at the Saltash Regatta yesterday and little M saw a rather lovely sock Elephant. As I'm pretty skint at the moment and I'm a terror for looking at stuff and thinking "no I won't buy it, I could make it instead" I set to making it that night (at about 10pm). It was a last minute thought and I'm a pretty impatient crafter anyway so I just grabbed a long (well loved and very well used) knee sock and made it up as I went along.
I have to say I quite like the little fella, although he does look like a new breed of clanger rather than an elephant..oops!?.
He's pretty scappy but he's cute! M likes him, although she has said now that she wants a (purple and pink stripey) mummy and 3 baby ones!
It has reminded me how much I LOVE the clangers (and Bagpuss too). Have just been watching it on U Tube.. loving the 'Treasure' episode, espicially the conclusion after their treaure turns out to be chocolate money that " what would clangers want with real money , you can't eat it can you, and it isn.t nearly as much fun to play with as a cotton wool ball from the cotton wool tree". Well said!! 



  1. Clanger or elephant, I think he's adorable! Looks like you've got your work cut out if you're making a whole socky family!

  2. cheers, M took him to playschool this morning and they were all laughing at him, the poor little critter!. it may take some time before he has a family, although I do like the idea of making tiny ones out of small socks! x

  3. Great quote, very true! Look forward to more additions to the sock family!

  4. The quote is brilliant, in fact most of the stories on the clangers episodes are all pretty cool. They were the original cartoon anti-capitalist eco warriers! Make do and mend til the end!! Oliver Postgate and Peter Firmin (writer, producers and designers) also made Bagpuss, which is one of my other all time favourite kids programmes. I wish more kids TV could be like that (then I might consider getting one!)That does make me sound like a ranting granny...ooh dear! Thanks for all of your comments, its lovely to hear from you x


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